There’s more to playing bowls than one would think. It takes skill and strategy and is certainly a team sport. The bowls section caters for young and old with its competitive tournaments and league, friendly tournaments and corporate and fun days. Families can play together, companies can play bowls as a teambuilding activity and it’s a sport enjoyed by many pensioners. Even schools are starting to promote bowls and it’s a great idea for classes to play together.

Groups of three or four, playing against each other, is challenging but great fun.

We are a social bunch of people and we welcome new members. Affordable coaching is available and club members have access to free coaching. There are sets of bowls for trials and coaching available at the club.

Tuesday morning, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons as well us Sunday mornings Tabs (social bowls) is played. Furthermore, you can organise groups to play or even roll on your own at any other time.

What do you need: flat-soled shoes (no deep profiles) are an absolute must! There’s no other special dress code for social bowls. For more information, contact the Bowls Chairman Norman Harty at 082 808 7638 or 011 454 1027 or email or Hon. Secretary Margot Demmel at 083 289 6420 or email